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NDF Grant Application Process 

The Neuromuscular Disease Foundation is pleased to invite applications for research grants which promote the development and/or testing of therapies for HIBM and related disorders. Pilot grant awards of $25,000-$35,000 per year are available to investigators new to the field. More significant awards of up to $100,000 annually are available to established research programs with demonstrated comprehensive focus on HIBM, and with continued achievement of stated research milestones in reaching the therapeutic goals. 

Formal  grant applications are by invitation only.

If you are interested in requesting an application, please submit a Letter of Intent with an overview of your proposal to include answers to the following:

1. What problem does your proposal solve?
2. What is the timeline for this proposed project? 
3. What is the estimated cost?

All accepted applications are due via email to by December 15th of each calendar year. *Extended to January 6, 2020

All applications will be reviewed by our entire Scientific Advisory Committee and global GNEM consortium members whose
recommendations will be reviewed and voted on by NDF’s governing Board of Directors.  

Anonymized comments and feedback will be provided to applicants, along with NDF’s final decision by March 1st of the following calendar year.