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Frequently Asked Questions

About NDF

NDF is a corporation registered as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity or nonprofit organization (NPO). As such, it is owned by no one and everyone.  NPOs are just like regular corporations, except that instead of sharing dividends with share holders, all proceeds go towards serving their mission and constituents. In exchange for serving a social need, the organization is given a tax-free status which it can pass on to its donors. The regulations to enforce a nonprofit are stronger and more strictly enforced than a for-profit entity. 

Who runs NDF? 

All professional charities are managed by an Executive Director, which is the nonprofit counterpart to the CEO of a for profit business.The Executive Director, reports to a Board of Directors who in turn "govern" the organization. This means they make the philosophical and legal decisions about the future and fiscal soundness of the NPO, but do so as unpaid volunteers. 

What is the difference between a Board Member and a Volunteer? 

While board members volunteer their time and expertise without pay, they are voted in by the existing Board of Directors, and bound by fiduciary responsibility which is taken very seriously. They are monitored by the IRS and the State Attorney General as well as by the public in the form of watchdog groups. The job of a good Executive Director is to keep the Board from making mistakes that can expose them and the organization.  Board Members are duty-bound to serve only the mission of the organization over and above any self-interest or by personal loyalties to one another. 

How can I get involved with NDF? 

A good volunteer is wiling to serve the needs of the organization and works in tandem with staff or the Executive Director to carry out work that would normally be done by paid staff.  As such, we are always on the lookout  for those who can give of their time and expertise.  

To learn about the many ways you can help NDF, please click here